Olympic Games at Peking University

In August, the whole world will look at China, Olympia will be visible all over Beijing, but at some places probable more than others. Besides the Olympic park and the newly renovated tourist sites that will be filled with visitors, I think that universities will much be influenced by the games. Thousands of the volunteers are students, so the spirit of the games will be carried out to the universities.

There has been a fierce competition about becoming a volunteer, I know one student who was lucky enough and will be working at the Olympic village helping foreign journalists and VIPs to check in.

Beijing University - The new tabletennis gym
Students in front of the basketball court, the new table tennis court was constructed behind it.

Some competitions even are hold on university campuses, the table tennis competition for example will be held at Peking University. Therefore a new sports complex was set up last year, and I already started imagine how it would be to go to see the games after class… However, I think that the main problem would be to get tickets for the event. Since the ticket prices are fair for Chinese, there was a run for tickets and it seems that all events are sold out by now, so it is unlikely that students can attend the competition after class.

After all, there will be summer holidays in August, some students are planing to leave Beijing for their own good because they say that Beijing will definitely be over-crowded, others are being asked to leave for the games to have the dorms available for other people to sleep there. A friend of mine is graduating this year and is planning on attending a masters program at Peking University after the holidays. But since he won’t be enrolled during the summer months, he might be expelled from campus: “We won’t have a place to live after graduation, maybe I even have to leave Beijing. Very tragic.”



2 Responses to “Olympic Games at Peking University”

  1. Frostygirl Says:

    It is quite an event that your country will be hosting I really hope that it all works out for you and that you get to see some of the games personally. I am from South Africa and we will be hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup so we will probably have the same situation here.

    How is the air there now, have they managed to clear the smog yet? Check my Blog to see a post on saving fuel and having cleaner air, maybe it would help!!

  2. Foreign students banned from Beijing during Olympics? « Beijing 2007 Says:

    […] students banned from Beijing during Olympics? China is not only making it hard for Chinese students to enjoy the Olympic games, there is also a yet not confirmed but widely circulated rumor that foreign students will be banned […]

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