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Demolition of Sanjiaodi

November 13, 2007

I had earlier written about this central place on the Campus of Peking University, Sanjiaodi, a triangular space that has been focus for several student activities in the past. Actually I by myself have profited from the existence of such a place for announcements when I sold my bike before leaving Beijing. I had a Chinese friend write a note that I would sell my bike and just a couple hours later I had found someone interested in buying. But now, the stands for posters on the square have been demolished.

Students of Peking University have obviously a history of being not always in line with the state’s opinion and students have taken part in the set off for the Cultural Revolution from here and part of the protest at Tian’anmen Square were planned there in 1989, as well. This might be a reason to shut down this place, as indicated in a blog post by Beijing Newspeak, another one might be the declining number of users. Instead of posting news there, it is more likely that those kind of news, announcements or other kinds of “publications” are made applying present-day technology: The internal network of Beida students has tons of posts and news can be spread even faster there and gain a greater audience. It is no wonder that students prefer this way of sharing news as is is more convenient to them.

Update: Just two days ago I received an e-mail from a Chinese friend telling me that they protested the cancellation of English classes for their third and fourth year at university on their school’s BBS. Unfortunately without success, classes are to be held on the weekends only and there is a charge for the students.