Starting the China Journey: First stop at Xi’an

After we got to Xi’an two days ago we have seen a lot of interesting places in the old town of Xi’an that has been capital of the old imperial China. When we were taking the night train here, we chose “hard sleeper”, in which is easy to get in touch with some Chinese. So we were told what to do in Xi’an, what places to go and what local special food is not to miss. We had a lot of Xi’an locals around us, so we got a lot of inside information. With one of our fellow travellers to Xi’an we even spent the evening later on. I think it is much easier to make some friends now, I still remember that this was quite hard in the beginning of my stay in China.

On the first morning we directly went to see the Terracotta Army, called “the eighth world wonder” on the signs in the exhibition hall. The worriers were amazing, and surprisingly the number of visitors were also not to high, so we had the chance and take a close look without being pushed forward. After that we went to the most interesting Muslim quarter and visited the mosque. Walking through the streets in the area was interesting, we also had some small snacks there.

The second day in Xi’an it was raining all day long. Nonetheless we first stopped at the history museum and took a quick look on the “Big Wild Goose Pagoda”, according to our friend from Xi’an, it is not worth going closer and pay the entrance fee, because one does not see more than from the outside. In the afternoon we went to the “Forrest of Steles” and saw the old traditional classics engraved in stone panels – basically a library more than 900 old. After that we walked on top of the city wall, but due to the rain we decided to not rent bicycles but rather take a walk.

I am going to take the night train to Chongqing in a few hours, so we are going to leave Xi’an very soon.


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