University campus turns into tourist attraction

As Peking University is one of the nation’s top rated universities, during the summer months when there are now classes for Chinese students, the campus becomes a tourist attraction. Every day one can see tourist groups touring the campus, a big part of the visitors are prospect future students who hope to be able to study here in the future. For the Chinese students the exams have already ended some weeks ago, whereas I am supposed to learn for my exams at the moment. In the next two weeks I will have to take five exams and there is still a large amount of preparation needed to get beyond them smoothly…

The tourist are numerous, at  the building of our philosophy faculty even is a sign next to the door reading 游人止步 (“No tourists beyond this point”). This might be because the building, partly covered with wine, is one of the older ones remaining on campus – and one of the first of this kind when you enter the campus.

Students graduation at Beijing University
Students at Peking University in their graduation robes.

But our building is not of interest only for tourists. In the past weeks there were several students who just had graduated and were taking graduation photos in front of the building. They usually wore westernized graduation robes, but as I just found out, there is a heated debate at Peking University whether students should wear Chinese or Western style clothes during for their graduation. Although the media usually picks up the topic by showing Chinese graduation dresses, the Western clothes one knows from the US are outnumbering the Chinese ones by far.


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