Differences between Germany and China

There are several differences and most of them are hard to describe to someone who has not seen the everyday life in China. Liu Yang (刘扬), a young Chinese artist who has spend some time in Germany has put some of the differences into pictures, and not surprisingly, pictures can sometimes can explain a situation better than words. Her works are quite simple, however, they describe the situation quite well. Of course, some of the works are depicting stereotypes, but I am quite familiar with the situation depicted in one or the other image.

Waiting line
Waiting line.


More images and comments (in Chinese) can be found here. [Update: The page is no longer available, see this instead.]


7 Responses to “Differences between Germany and China”

  1. leafgirl04 Says:

    Hi, I was just browsing (found your marriage posting first) and I quite enjoyed this post. I was just wondering, do you think that there any significance to have the German background coloured blue?

  2. beijing07 Says:

    Hi, thanks for the comment! I’m sorry, I don’t know why the artist chose blue to represent Germany. Maybe just to find a color the matches the red of China?!

  3. The China man who peed on your rug, dude Says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just two quick links that you might be interested in:



    Privoxy is pretty awesome. Or as I might say…more awesome since you just need to install it once. After this you can easily impelemnt into any browser you are using. I hope things are good in Beijing and you’re having a blast.

    Hope to see you soon

  4. leafgirl04 Says:

    I guess that could very well be possible. Blue does complement red quite well.

  5. Hello world! 世界好! « Beijing 2007/08 Says:

    […] ultimate goal would be to create an equally meaningful Blog as my fellow student Matt did, whose insights I enjoyed during the last months that he himself stayed in Beijing […]

  6. Germany - a far away country « Beijing 2007 Says:

    […] either, there is still a huge difference of traveling within China of going back to Germany. In a recent post I already noted that some of differences that Liu Yang points out in her artwork are just too true […]

  7. beijing07 Says:

    Update: Just found an interesting list about differences of search behavior of Internet users between Chinese and English speaking users: http://chinadigitaltimes.net/2007/12/top-ten-lists-differences-between-chinese-and-english-internet-users-keso/
    However, some questions seem to be present all over the world…

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