Preparations for 08/08/08

The “Bird’s Nest” and the swim hall are the two buildings that are getting the most media attention as they are interesting pieces of architecture and will host some of the most watched fights for gold, silver and bronze medals. But there is a lot of other construction going on in Beijing that has to be done until August 8, 2008 (08.08.08) when the Olympic games will be declared open at 8:08 pm. Seems like some of the planners really believe in the tradition that the “8” is the lucky number in Chinese…

Beijing University - The new tabletennis gym
Behind the basketball court new facilities to host the table tennis competitions are being built.

Smaller events will take place at some universities’ campuses. Beijing University will be host of the table tennis competition. Too bad I’m not studying in Beijing next year, imagine I could watch an Olympic event just after class. Right now when standing at the fence near the construction area on campus, one cannot determine how the building will look like once it is ready, but at there’s a picture on the web.

Construction site for Subway Line No 4
Construction site for “Subway Line No 4”.

But the largest construction goes by mostly unseen: Beijing’s subway net will be drastically expanded by next year: From next year on, it is planned to open a new subway line each month! But at the moment one can only see some of the large holes along the future railway tracks. They are even labeled by they name since it takes so long for construction.

2008 Olympic’s mascots
Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and me – Nini is somehow cut off.

Earlier this week I visited the mascots for the Olympics at a store with all kinds of Olympic merchandise next to Tian’anmen square. I don’t want a judgment on their appearance, you can see them from up close here. Their names are the characters for “Beijing Huanying ni” – “Beijing welcomes you”.


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