National People’s Congress

The National People’s Congress has been opened and this had some direct impact to me: Last weekend I originally wanted to go to Tian’anmen with some friends but it is closed because of the two sessions that are taking place (National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Congress).
Well, we knew that it was going to be blocked and will be for more than a week because a cab driver told us. Nonetheless, we went there but as it was raining and really grey on Saturday, so we could not even really see across the square. We thus went to the Hutongs, the small streets near the Forbidden City, instead. Actually it was not too bad that it was raining that day because that way there were not that many tourists around…

Police cars near Tian’anmen

According to an article by the ZEIT the topic that drew the most attention (at least in Europe) were the environment proposals. Breathing the Beijing air every day, I tend to say that this really is an important topic, but for China the main point of Wen Jiabao’s opening speech was the distribution of income and the report of last year’s progress the country has made.
The US media were mainly concerned about the increase of the military budget, Taiwan focussed on the few remarkes Wen did on the “one country, two systems” policy during his 135 minute speech.


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