Snow at Tsinghua University
Snow at Tsinghua University, a university located right next to Beida.

The first few days the weather was about the same as in Germany: During the days the temperature got up to 10 degrees Celsius (so somewhat in the forties Fahrenheit). Until yesterday the weather was rather dry but then it started to rain and it didn’t stop raining until the snow started to become snow. When we returned home from a karaoke bar the ground was already covered with snow and this morning everything was white. But by now, most of the snow has gone already but according to the weather forecast it will stay cold in the next week.

The harsh wind turned the “feels like” temperature well below the freezing point. I guess during the sandstorms I will have to endure the the wind will be alike but the sand will make it worse than now.

A Chinese we had dinner with tonight was joking that its snowing just because of us: So far the winter in Beijing had be relativly warm and without a lot of snow (as in Germany).


2 Responses to “Snow”

  1. feaverman Says:

    At least you get a free peeling with the sand.

  2. Summer has arrived « Beijing 2007 Says:

    […] is still enjoyable, in the summer it will be burning hot. Nonetheless, the transmission from winterly cold to warm was quite short. “In Beijing spring and fall are not very long”, said a Chinese […]

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