Home, sweet home

View from my Window
View from my window

If you are staying at a place for a longer time it’s important that you like your home. During the past two and a half years I never had the same home for more than half a year: During my year in the US I stayed at three very nice families, in Tübingen I switched homes twice already and now my home is in Beijing.

I’m living here together with a fellow student. We don’t really live as close to university as some other students do: They only need five or ten minutes on foot whereas I walked to university once to figure out the way how to get there – it took me about 45 minutes…
Other possibilities to get there are getting a cap (costs about 1.20 Euros), or the bus (cost: 0.10 Euros). But the bus station is not really close, so it takes some time to get there by bus, as well. By now I got a bike, that should speed up the procedure of getting to classes in the morning.

Even if it’s a little far to university the place has another advantage: It’s close to “Wudaokou” a place with bars, small and large restaurants and shops. It’s also close to a subway station.

The rooms are really not bad at all and by now we have Internet access, warm water (for the first two days we only could shower with cold water for some reason) and even a TV (but Chinese stations only).

Fruit vendor

The residential area I am living in has about 20 houses that look pretty much all the same. There’s even a guard at the entrance, there’s a small shop where one can buy breakfast, a man selling fruits and a small police station. There’s also a sports field where Chinese are doing Tai Chi in the morning and dancing in the evening. The table tennis tables are in use very often, we bought cheap set of rackets yesterday so we might join the Chinese some day.

There are few other foreigners living here and some signs are translated into English, as well. However, the signs with announcements of the Communist Party of China are not translated.

Announcements by the Communist Party


One Response to “Home, sweet home”

  1. feaverman Says:

    Pictures are looking good. I guess even going to China does not seem to be much effort for you. Or maybe your just a good planer :).
    Take care.

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