Welcome and Happy New Year!

Welcome to my blog. As a new year has just started (at least according to the Chinese lunar calendar) I thought it’s time to start sharing some of my experiences with you. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have a chance to celebrate Chinese new year in China, I’ll be one week late: I’ll arrive at Beijing Capital Airport next Sunday.

After taking some exams in the past weeks and moving out today I have one week left to consider what would be worth taking as luggage. I don’t know what will happen to me in Beijing, a megacity with a population of nearly 15 million. I’ll be a student at the ECCS at Beijing University. With thirty plus fellow students we’ll be a big group of German students, I’ll have the pleasure to take some language classes and a class in Chinese history. I hope I won’t be too busy so I have a chance to get to know the city, as well…

During my stay in Taiwan last fall I got in touch with Chinese culture and the Chinese “way of living”, let alone original Chinese food – very tasty!
But my Chinese is still far for perfect, so I’m already satisfied when I’m able to get a rough idea what people are talking about. So I hope I’ll be able to improve my language skills as well as the ability to read the Chinese characters.

In  this blog I’m going to keep you informed about how I am doing, I also hope to post some picture. I guess writing in English will be the easiest so most people will understand it, but I might intersperse a comment in German (or Chinese?!) every now and then.

So long


6 Responses to “Welcome and Happy New Year!”

  1. sharon pomber Says:

    this is a cool idea! e is in Florida for winter break fishing with his grandparents. He is doing great in school this year – I must say he does not miss German class though. He is trying to decide where to apply to school next year.

    Be safe!
    eric, sharon, eric, and timber

  2. sharon pomber Says:

    I was just watching the TV show the VIEW – they were talking about the CHinese New Year starting this Saturday and running for 2 weeks – never knew that!

  3. Reza Says:

    Hi Matthias,

    I like the idea of you keeping a blog during your stay. I realized that it is real nice to have the experience documented this way. Regarding the features. You can upload up to 50MB of pictures within your wordpress blog. In case you need more space for pictures you can include your flickr-account into the sidebar.

    looking forward to hearing from you

  4. Reza Says:

    Just saw that you allready added the flickr feature. Maybe you want to change it so thumbnails will be displayed. I think a lot of people do not pay attention “to all that scribbling” on the side.

  5. 元宵節快樂! « Beijing 2007 Says:

    […] even at daytime) I could hear fireworks. I first thought that these were just leftovers from Chinese New Year. When I saw a stand selling them the day before yesterday I started wondering whether these were […]

  6. Joanne Graham Says:

    What a valid post. I enjoy reading the posts on this site and will be sure to return on a regular basis.

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